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To read what clients have to say about us, click on a link below.

Linda Tessar & Ellen Gregory, NETWORK [LINK]

Marty Berry, Industrial Paint & Supply Company [LINK]

Jeff Thurman, Colonial Senior Services [LINK]

Janet P. Neal, Brighton Center, Inc. [LINK]

Sister Mary Andrea Simpson, Sisters of Mercy [LINK]

Julie Raia, Children's Home of Northern Kentucky [LINK]

Reed Coen, New Perceptions, Inc. [LINK]

Gary L. Toebben, President, Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce [LINK]

If you have questions about any of these testimonials, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Gravett by phone at 513-753-8870 or e-mail at lsg@justthebasics.com.  Or use our Contact From by clicking here.