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"Terri Bonar-Stewart is Talented, Honest, and Highly Confidential"
   ... Sister Mary Andrea Simpson, Sisters of Mercy

The Sisters of Mercy had a Human Resources director at one time, but it became apparent that the organization really didn't need a full-time person in that position. So, they decided to hire a Human Resource consultant instead. They chose Terri Bonar-Stewart.

Ms. Bonar-Stewart has been working with Sister Mary Andrea Simpson to restructure the Sisters of Mercy's finance department in addition to helping with personnel issues.

According to Sr. Mary Andrea, "We had a building manger here who really wasn't the right fit for our organization. He'd been with us for five years, but he was never able to do the things that we expected him to do. As his supervisor, I explained to him that his job was supervising the other men, and that meant being present when they were working. He could not just assign them tasks and walk off. He just could not understand that."

"When we hired Terri, she interviewed this person and came to the same conclusion, that he was not the right person for the job. The difference was that Terri was able to explain to this gentleman why. Then she engaged the services of an outplacement company that found him a job for which he was truly suited. The outcome was better for him and for us. We could never have done that without Terri's help and expertise."

Sr. Mary Andrea added, "The Sisters of Mercy are very pleased with Terri's work. Terri is very honest, thorough, conscientious and patient with me and the staff, and she communicates well with everyone here.

"Terri is very outspoken. She calls it as she sees it. That's very refreshing. I want to work with people who are confident enough in their knowledge to speak their mind and tell us what we need to know. There's no point in having a consultant who only tells us what we want to hear. We hired Terri to tell us what's best for us, even it it's not what we want to hear, and she does that in a caring and professional manner."

The Sisters of Mercy are a community of women religious dedicated to serving Christ through the ministries of education, health care and pastoral and social services.

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