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"Terri Bonar-Stewart Turned My Company Around"
   ... Marty Berry, Owner, Industrial Paint & Supply

Marty Berry, owner of Industrial Paint and Supply, uses Terri Bonar-Stewart as his Human Resources director on a consulting basis. She has helped the company with just about every personnel issue you can imagine, including: providing education on the most effective ways to reach qualified personnel, writing classified advertisements, creating interviewing questions, effectively handling employee reviews, developing a company personnel manual, and drafting company practices and procedures.

"Our company got off to a rocky start six years ago. I believe most of the problems were due to the ineffective way we hired people. We had a lot of serious personnel problems, such as theft. You would have thought we were a Fortune 500 company with our personnel problems, but we were only a five-person business," Berry said.

Since hiring Ms. Bonar-Stewart a year and a half ago, Berry said things have really turned around. "For example, Terri helped me put together a program to help the company hire salespeople, and she trained me in effective hiring practices. By following Terri's training guidelines, I was able to hire a new salesperson who has performed beyond my expectations. He has been an outstanding employee, and I credit Terri's training and expertise in helping me find, attract, and hire that individual."

Our company's sales grew 34% this year and our staff size doubled to accommodate this growth. I greatly attribute our success this year to Terri," Berry said.

Berry added, "Although Terri has trained me how to hire the right people, I still rely on her opinions and expertise when hiring key people. It's important to have an outside professional's opinion and insight. I like the fact that I can bounce ideas and concerns off her to help me hire even better people."

"As a small business owner, you cannot be an expert in every area of your business, especially personnel. The most essential part of any company is people. You can have all the best computers and equipment in the world, but if you don't have the right people for the jobs and you don't know how to hire the right people for the jobs, you'll have nothing but headaches and your company can't grow," Berry concluded.

Berry said hiring Ms. Bonar-Stewart was a smart and cost-effective business decision for him. He has also recommended her services to other companies that have grown and prospered from her expert advice and training. "She's the whole ball of wax when it comes to human resource issues. She's very talented," concluded Berry.

Industrial Paint and Supply is a family-owned and operated supplier of industrial, commercial and residential coatings. Our company is committed to serving the needs of our customers through superior service, qualified technical support, and competitive pricing. Industrial Paint and Supply is "The Coatings Solution Company."

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