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"Terri Bonar-Stewart Is A Trusted Advisor and Business Professional" Ellen Gregory, Managing Partners, NETWORK

NETWORK hired Terri Bonar-Stewart because she came highly recommended by a number of NETWORK's business associates. NETWORK also hired Ms. Bonar-Stewart because the company is not large enough to need a full-time, in-house human resources director; however, the company is large enough to need human resource expertise. Ms. Bonar-Stewart fits NETWORK's needs perfectly.

The owners of Network have used Ms. Bonar-Stewart for a variety of human resource services, including employee training during which NETWORK staff members spent three half-day sessions discussing how to improve teamwork and how to think about each other as a team. In addition, Ms. Bonar-Stewart developed employee job descriptions, workflow processes in line with the company's strategic plan, and critical success factors. Employees now have a better understanding of the company's expectations in order achieve personal and company goals.

"For example, designing the job descriptions and conducting the teambuilding seminars were extremely helpful to our entire organization. Now, staff members have increased their understanding of their own position, as well as that of everyone else. This allows our staff to work together more effectively and creatively than before," said Linda Tessar, a NETWORK partner and the person who handles the company's human resource functions.

Ellen Gregory, another NETWORK partner, said, "People like and trust Terri. They believe in what Terri has to say. She has been able to break down barriers between staff members. That has had a very positive effect on our employees and the company."

Ms. Tessar added, "Terri also did the original draft of the company's employee handbook, which included all of the disciplinary processes and procedures. She also coached us through those processes when we needed to use them. Additionally, Terri has provided us with the information we needed for ADA compliance for employees."

"She also helped us draft a new benefits program that includes a paid time-off, self-managing system instead of the traditional package of paid vacation and sick days. I've attended her How To Find and Hire Workshop on hiring practices and procedures, which was also very helpful to me," Ms. Tessar added.

"I feel very confident in sharing issues and concerns about the company with Terri because she holds everything we discuss in the strictest of confidence. Terri is a valued advisor to me and our staff. She understands our needs and has helped us handle conflicts. She is the extra set of hands that helps us get things done. Terri is truly a professional in her approach to business and especially the human resource aspects of business," Ms. Tessar said.

Ms. Gregory said she continues to hear positive things about Ms. Bonar-Stewart from business associates and contacts in the community. "We consider Terri a friend, as well as a trusted advisor. She really cares about us and our business. She is ready to help us at a moment's notice."

Note: NETWORK is a central and single source contact for a national consortium of fifteen owner-operated data collection firms.  NETWORK provides clients with field management and data collection consulting and a comprehensive selection of marketing research services.

If you have questions about this testimonial, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Gravett at lsg@justthebasics.com.  
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