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"I've Never Met A Human Resource Professional As Talented Or Effective As Terri Bonar-Stewart"
   ... Jeff Thurman, President, Colonial Senior Services

Jeff Thurman, president and chief executive officer of Colonial Senior Services, first hired Terri Bonar-Stewart to assist him in designing an incentive bonus compensation plan for the non-profit organization.

"I felt bonuses are incentives to reward and keep good people. Terri understood that and knew other organizations of similar size and type that had bonus plans. She was able to design a program, as well as communication materials. The key to the success of this project was to make sure that our staff understood that bonuses would be earned and would not be given out arbitrarily. Terri designed a program that was not overly burdened with process, but was fair and measurable. Everyone was very pleased with the outcome," said Thurman.

After her successful completion of that project, Thurman knew he could count on Terri's advice on other personnel issues. "One of Terri's true strengths is that she can really relate to people. She can emotionally attach to them and truly understand their issues, but at the same time, relate to management's needs in a highly professional manner.

"It's almost like she's been on both sides because of her genuine ability to relate to a diversity of people. She can connect with all levels of employees and all personality types. She reads people extremely well. That is not always true of consultants or anyone else, for that matter. She is so genuine that people feel comfortable with her immediately. And because of that she is extremely effective whether she's dealing with hourly employees, middle management, senior management, or the chairman of our board," Thurman added.

Thurman said Ms. Bonar-Stewart is also a great resource for information. "Terri has the ability to network with people. And if she doesn't know the answer to something, she knows who to call. For example, our Board of Trustees was struggling to make a decision on some severance package issues. Terri was able to get the industry standards and samples for me to present to the board members. By educating our board about the current trends, she was able to help me explain why I thought it was important for us to move in a particular direction on this issue."

Thurman concluded, "Terri is a professional with an exceptional knowledge and experience base who was able to take our organization to the next level. She always completes tasks on or before the deadline. She is always within the budget. Terri never let us down. I would recommend Terri highly to anyone in the long-term healthcare field or any other field. When I am in a situation that is foreign to me or needs an outsider's perspective, Terri is the first person I call."

Note: Colonial Senior Services in a nonprofit, mission-oriented company with a rich leadership heritage in quality of life enrichment for southwestern Ohio's senior population. Based in Hamilton, Ohio, Colonial targets services to meet the ever-changing needs of seniors as well as the young. Colonial's services include retirement communities offering independent living, assisted living and health care; transportation for seniors and the disabled; and an innovative retirement community-based early childhood education program providing contact between old and young. Colonial is also a leader in development and management of long-term care services. It's charitable fund-raising subsidiary, The Colonial Foundation, helps ensure the present and long-term financial security of other Colonial subsidiaries.

If you have questions about this testimonial, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Gravett at lsg@justthebasics.com.  
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