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"Terri is a highly knowledgeable and resourceful professional."
...Janet P. Neal, Executive Director, Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati

I am please to write in support of Terri Bonar-Stewart and the services she offers through Just The Basics, Inc. Terri and I began working together in the early 1990's when I was employed as the Associate Director of Brighton Center, Inc. Terri consulted with us on a variety of human resource projects including the revision of our employee handbook and the design and presentation of training programs for supervisory staff. Terri also provided guidance on human resource issues that developed during our time together.

In 1996, I joined the Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati as the Executive Director. Terri served as my human resource consultant through 2001. She designed and facilitated staff training the areas of team building and customer service. Terri conducted a climate survey and assisted us in the development of a plan to continually improve the workplace. Terri guided the staff in the development of critical success factors and a performance evaluation system. She also served as my trusted advisor in the area of human resource management.

Terri is a highly knowledgeable and resourceful professional. She has the ability to relate effectively with a variety of individuals. Terri handles conflict and difficult situations with grace and confidence. Her advice is objective, realistic and practical. It is based on the current best practices in the human resource field. Terri understands the importance of finding affordable solutions to problems, which is critical in non-profit or smaller organizations where budgets are limited.

I would recommend Terri's services to other organizations with reservation. I have always been very satisfied with the services she had offered through Just The Basics, Inc. Terri goes the extra mile for her clients!


Janet P. Neal

If you have questions about this testimonial, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Gravett at lsg@justthebasics.com.  
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