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Explanation of Assessment Responses

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The 10 questions that you just answered are an excerpt from a 40-question self-assessment in Just a Couple of Women Talkin’ – The Real Story of Being a Woman Entrepreneur, by Terri Bonar-Stewart and Linda Gravett, Ph.D.  The book is designed to guide prospective entrepreneurs in their journey towards business ownership.
This shortened version of the self-assessment can give you some keen insights about how well you’d do as an entrepreneur.  For example, entrepreneurs in start-ups often spend a high percentage of their work day alone.  They must be active listeners and willing to leverage others’ talents to achieve results.
If you scored less than 35 on this assessment, it doesn’t mean that you absolutely would fail as an entrepreneur.  It does mean, however, that being in business for yourself right now would be a struggle and outside – probably way outside – your comfort zone.  A score of less than 35 means that you have some professional or self development needs in your immediate future, such as establishing a healthy nest egg as a hedge against the financial risk of business ownership.
If your score falls into the 36 – 44 range, you have a moderate chance of success as an entrepreneur.  There may be two or three question marks that should be addressed prior to leaving “regular employment.”  For instance, perhaps you’re currently not adept at calling or writing someone out of the blue to pitch a product or service.  To build a level of skill and comfort in this area, you could take steps such as joining the fund raising committee for a nonprofit organization in order to practice this art and skill.
If your score is in the 45+ range, you are ready now – or will be soon – to venture into business ownership.  Perhaps you simply need to learn more about options for legal entities – such as incorporations and LLC’s – or gather information about venture capitalists in your area.
If this self-assessment encourages you to learn more about becoming an entrepreneur, check out how you can order our book with the entire 40 questions by clicking on this link to the book announcement.


If you have any questions about this self-assessment, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Gravett by telephone at 513-753-8870 or by e-mail at lsg@justthebasics.com