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Baby Boomer Survey for Organizations

To participate in this survey, please answer the questions below, then click the SEND button at the bottom of the survey.

A. Our organization is located in the:
a. Midwest
b. Northeast
c. Southeast
d. West

B. Survey Questions:

1.  Baby Boomers (employees between the ages of 46 and 64) are valued at our organization because: (please check all that apply)
a. they have a strong work ethic
b. they have years of experience
c. they have technical expertise
d. none of the above; they aren't valued
     e. Other: 

2.  Our organization proactively seeks employees who are members of the Boomer generation:
a. Yes
b. No
(If you responded "No", please go to Question 4.)

3.  The following are recruiting techniques our organization uses to attract Baby Boomers: (please check all that apply)
a. interactive career section on web site
b. job postings in career office at grad school
c. networking with Baby Boomer social groups
d. job postings in area churches or other places of worship
     e. Other: 

4.  Our organization tailors benefits to meet the needs of different age groups:
a. Yes
b. No
(If you responded "No", please go to Question 6.)

5.  The following are benefits our organization offers in an effort to retain the Boomer generation: (please check all that apply)
a. elder care insurance option
b. counseling on elder care
c. flextime
d. long term disability insurance
     e. Other: 

6.  Our organization offers classes to help employees update their skills:
a. Yes
b. No
(If you responded "No", please go to the end of this survey.)

7.  The following are classes our organization provides to help employees update their skills: (please check all that apply)
a. technical courses related to jobs in our organization
b. supervisory skills (e.g., Providing Effective Performance Feedback)
c. second language classes (e.g., Spanish)
d. courses towards a degree
     e. Other: 

8.  Our organization has made the following ergonomic accommodations to support employees in the Boomer generation: (please check all that apply)
a. full spectrum lighting to replace fluorescent lighting
b. larger size and easily readable color of printer fonts
c. well lit hallways
d. marked edges on steps
     e. Other: 

9.  Our organization is concerned about the Boomer generation's: (please check all that apply)
a. increased healthcare utilization rates
b. inability to learn new technologies
c. cognitive decline resulting in poor job performance
d. inability to work at a pace to maintain production standards
     e. Other concerns:

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