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Paradigm Shift Within the Workplace-according to Patricia Faust, MSG
There is a paradigm shift occuring within the workplace.  Neuroscience has changed everthing.  Find out how our brains are changing the role of leadership, the parameters of management, the effectiveness of health and welfare initiatives, and finally, the workplace culture itself.  Visit Pat's web site at http://www.myboomerbrain.com.

Niki Pappas, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, MA Psychology, MBA
I empower my clients to achieve better health and greater happiness in their lives by providing holistic wellness information, designing customized success strategies, and offering warm and steady personal support.  We work together in one-on-one coaching sessions over the phone or in person, supplemented by extensive email interaction.  Client benefits include weight loss, improving eating habits and relationship with food, increased activity and exercise, better sleep, more energy and greater mindfulness and life balance overall.  Contact Niki at: http://www.FirstDayWellness.com.

Conflict Management
Most employee related issues result from internal organizational conflict. AllMac & Associates provides a strategic analysis and practical correction strategies to aid in the successful and sustainable resolution of the issue. If needed, we provide third party neutral mediation services to assist in the resolution of the conflict. We also provide conflict correction training to effectively equip your staff in effectively addressing difficult issues prior to them escalating to a critical state.  Contact AllMac & Associates, www.allmacassoc.com.

Request for Survey Participants
Will you help Dr. Gravett write her next book on generational differences?  If you'd like to participate in a brief survey to be part of some current research, please click the appropriate link below.  Your response will be kept anonymous.

SURVEY FOR 14-21 YEAR OLDS, click here.  Click "NEXT" when you arrive at the survey site.

SURVEY FOR SUPERVISORS OF 14-21 YEAR OLDS, click here.  Click "NEXT" when you arrive at the survey site.

(Note: The links to both of these surveys take you to an outside survey web site.)

Online Colleges
Here's an education and career resource site for young adults who are experiencing their first layoff and are seeking help in their job search:


Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA1938)
Regulates the status of employees versus independent contractors and provides for a minimum wage and overtime for nonexempt employees.  http://www.dol.gov/elaws/flsa.htm.
Immagration Reform and Control Act (IRCA1986)
Requires that new employees provide specific documents to employers to prove that they are who they claim to be and that they have a legal right to work in the U.S. (I-9 Forms). http://www.oig.lsc.gov/legis/irca86.htm.
Employee Polygraph Protection Act (1988)
Prohibits employers from requiring pre-employment polygraph tests.  http://www.dol.gov/compliance/laws/comp-eppa.htm.
Uniformed Service Employment and Re-employment Rights (1994)
Prohibits discrimination against military service members because of past, current, or future military service.  Protects military service workers' employment rights and employment benefits.  http://www.osc.gov/userra.htm.
Equal Pay Act (1963)
Prohibits wage discrimination by requiring equal pay for equal work of the same skills, effort, and responsibilities.  http://www.eeoc.gov/policy/epa.htm.
Consumer Credit Protection Act (1968)
Sets a national limit on the amount of an employee's wages that can be withheld to satisfy wage garnishment.  http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/html/uscode15/usc_sup_01_15_10_41.html.
National Labor Relations Act (NLRA 1935)
Requires that new employees provide specific documents to employers to prove that they are who they claim to be and that they have a legal right to work in the U.S. (I-9 Forms). http://www.oig.lsc.gov/legis/irca86.htm.
Labor−Management Relations Act (Taft−Hartley − 1947)
Protects management rights by prohibiting unfair labor practices by unions.  http://www.vi.uh.edu/buzzmat/tafthartley.html.
Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA−1974)
Establishes standards and requirements for the administration of employee benefit plans to ensure that employees that work 1,000 hours a year.  http://www.qdcro.pair.com/erisa.htm.
Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (1978)
Prohibits selection policies and procedures that could have an adverse impact on employment opportunities for any race, sex, or ethnic group, unless the policy/practice is a business necessity.  http://www.doi.gov/hrm/pmanager/st13d.html.
Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA 1935)
Establishes standards and requirements for the administration of employee benefit plans to ensure that employees that work 1,000 hours a year.  http://www.qdcro.pair.com/erisa.htm.
Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA 1970)
Mandates compliance with federal health and safety standards.  http://www.osha.gov.


  • The Goering Center, University of Cincinnati College of Business
    Business Families Foundation Road Map for Entrepreneurial Families
    Faculty:    Mr. Roger Johannigman, The Goering Center
                     Dr. Linda Gravett, Gravett and Associates
                     Ms. Lynn Ruhl, The Perfect 10 Culture

    The Road Map for Entrepreneurial Families™ is a 3-day educational program designed to provide business families with the insights, encouragement, support and models required for them to clarify their objectives and begin to implement that direction successfully.  The program offers learning opportunities to owners, successors, spouses and other members of the business family.
    This program is designed to be sensitive and respectful of individual and family issues.  The faculty creates a safe environment that encourages communication between family members.  Throughout the program, participants will follow the Dupont Family, a case story that serves as a catalyst for discussion on various business family issues.
    To find out more about this program, contact The Goering Center at http://www.business.uc.edu/centers/goering.html.

  • Just Great Foods & Functional Formularies
    Robin Gentry McGee is a Health & Lifestyle Coach and Chef. Her passion for health is overwhelmingly apparent, whether she is working with private clients, teaching group wellness classes, leading corporate retreats or teaching healthy cooking. She is founder of Just Great Foods™ and Functional Formularies™. Through our programs you will be introduced to unique ways to look at your relationship with food. You will discover the goodness of food. You will learn habits that will ultimately stay with you for the rest of your journey.
    Our success depends on your success. When this happens we both THRIVE!

  • Northern Kentucky Workforce Investment Board
    The Northern Kentucky Workforce Investment Board drives policy, direction, and funding oversight for the local workforce investment system.  This system promotes education, workforce readiness and economic development.  Dr. Linda Gravett is a member of this Board.

  • Finding Balance in Your Life
    We all need balancing from time to time.  The article at this we site describes how I use T'ai Chi to balance myself once in a while.  See my article at http://www.finefitfab.com/beautiful-you.html.

  • Gravett article on Using Your Emotional Intelligence in the Cleveland SHRM E-Newsletter
    Click here for the April 2010 edition of the Cleveland SHRM e-newsletter and scroll down to Dr. Gravett's article on Using Your Emotional Intelligence to Develop Others.
  • U.S. Department of Labor, FirstStep Employment Law Advisor

  • U.S. Department of Labor, Compliance Assistance

  • Kentucky Department of Labor

  • Ohio Division of Labor & Worker Safety, Wage &Hour Bureau

  • Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

  • Metropolitan Club (Cincinnati, OH)

  • InfoTrust

    InfoTrust’s goal is to help organizations turn the business challenges of social media into opportunities to improve their business model. They help companies establish a comprehensive plan to integrate social media strategies into their business plans. They focus on several business aspects: organization-wide social media policies; social recruiting; HR branding; and improving recruitment R.O.I.

  • Employee Background Checks
    by Accurate Information Systems

    We are a provider of criminal background checks, employee screening, drug testing, civil history, driving records, and county records searches.
    E-mail:backgrndchk@gmail.com.  Phone: 631-289-7733

  • be!

    *be! innovative wellness solutions* offers premium counseling, coaching, and concierge services for individuals and companies.  Founded by Heather Rahn, Licensed Professional Counselor, in 2007, *be!* are practitioners of proactive mental fitness. *be!* associates facilitate customized wellness educational seminars for companies throughout Cincinnati/Tri-State region with offices in Newport, Milford, Montfort Heights, and Montgomery. Learn more at www.besimplybe.com or call us at 859.261.9000.

  • Workflow Dynamics

    Workflow dynamics architects exceptional workplaces by simultaneously enhancing the efficiency of work, and the effectiveness of workers. Using our exclusive human interaction process model and 5-step improvement system, we capture your true requirements and deliver comprehensive solutions with expertise, integrity and respect. The result:
    • Enhanced financial performance
    • Improved relationships, coordination and service to customers
    • Simple, agile processes and systems built to last
    • A committed, satisfied workforce

    For workflow solutions that work, contact us today. Be sure to mention that you heard about us from Just the Basics to receive a free hour of consulting.

  • Education Atlas

    Education Atlas® is the World's most comprehensive guide to the best education sites on the Web. They're sorted by Education Index/Subject and lifestage, so you can find exactly what you're looking for quickly and easily. Whether you're a mother looking for the best home schooling resources for your children, a high school graduate researching colleges, a teacher in need of new lesson ideas for your pupils, or a career professional seeking continuing education opportunities, with over 8000 indexed websites, you're sure to find the resource your looking for at www.EducationAtlas.com

  • Self-StudyCourse.com

    www.self-studycourse.com/products.asp Self-StudyCourse.com provides training kits and eWorkbooks for individual contributors.  The training kits consist of AudioCasts with handouts that support each lesson, a self-study schedule, qualification quiz, certificate of completion, plus material specific to each topic.  The eWorkbooks contain detailed content, provocative questions, possible answers and action plans starting at $9.99.

  • ABD--Automated Business Designs

    Featuring Applicant Tracking, Staffing, and Recruiting software.

    Anyone can make staffing software. But evaluating a staffing software product should go beyond what you see on the screen. You need to consider the availability of technical support for staffing software, the longevity of your recruiting software investment (via regular enhancements) and the stability of company ownership. ABD has had the same management since its inception and is a rock solid staffing software company.
  • CriminalWatchDog.com - Criminal Background Checks

    CriminalWatchDog.com provides criminal background checks. Screen people, employees, dates, nannies.  Access criminal backgrounds by providing name and birth date.  No Social Security Number required.

  • Peer Resource Group.  Providing consulting and training expertise in marketing communications and technical writing, corporate training and corporate universities, human resource management, and business development and sales.

  • US Search is the leader in people search and background checks.  People Search Services - Background Check

  • Inscape Publishing, Carlson Learning Company

    The company Inscape Publishing formerly known as Carlson Learning Company is a leading maker of DiSC profile/DiSC profiles.  The company provides a board array of products which includes: DiSC classic, adventures in attitudes, time mastery, dimensions of leadership, personal learning, managing work expectations, PPSS, personal listening, and Quikdisc.
  • Background Check & Pre-employment Screening Services

    Whether you represent the Fortune 500 or Small Business, hiring qualified honest employees is critical to your success. And easyBackgrounds can help you get them onboard quickly and easily. With technology that searches nationwide and beyond - instantly in many cases - easyBackgrounds delivers the background check & pre-employment screening information you need to move forward.

  • Performance Assessment Network, the leader in e-testing.

    pan is a state-of-the-art web-based system for the distribution, administration, and analysis of professional assessments, tests, and surveys.  pan is distinguished by both its wide range of products and its web-based e-testing process, representing a network of over 35 of the top assessment publishers in the world.

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Offers key statistical data that impacts human resource decisions.

  • ODNetwork. Articles, Links, and job openings in the organizational development field.

  • International Telework Association and Council : resources on telecommuting.

  • Online exam preparation for computer programming, office skills, and civil service exams.

  • Unlimited Income with Full Social Security.

  • National Partnership for Women and Families.

  • HR Village, a host of HR services and products.

  • Internet Guide to Human Resources.

  • Small Business Help Center.

  • Career Magazine.