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Book Reviews

Following is a list of books that we recommend for you reading enjoyment.  To order any of these books from Amazon.com, just click on the book title.Stack of books

Stress: Living and Working in a Changing World by George Manning provides you with both the techniques and inspiration to take control of the stress in your life and make it work for you.

This book takes time--it is not a how-to-eliminate-stress in five easy steps, which makes it all the more valuable.  We didn't get "distressed" in five easy steps; we will not get "de-stressed" in five easy steps.  All the steps are here, plus a wealth of background information to help the reader understand the physiology and psychology involved.

Read the parts you are ready for, but if you are stressed--and who isn't?--you owe it to yourself to read this book.

Prepare your organization to be franchised with E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber.  If you follow Gerber's suggestions you will be ready to franchise or to take your organization to the next level full of ideas on how to work your business instead of your business working you.  For the second level growth entrepreneur--it doesn't hurt for the first time, first level entrepreneur to know the pitfalls and opportunities before you hit the three year mark.

Bob Boylan says: Get Everyone in your Boat Rowing in the Same Direction: 5 Leadership Principles to Follow So Others will Follow You.  This book is recommended reading for CEOs, COOs, Presidents, executive managers, and senior managers or anyone pursuing any of these jobs.  The book begins by describing the external environment in which organizations operate today.  Then Boylan gives a definition of leadership that is simple and understandable.  He discusses how not to lead.  He discusses what leaders talk about--these are the five principles. 

These 5 Principles are:

  • Principle 1: Decide, "What's important around here?"

  • Principle 2: Ask, "Where are we headed?"

  • Principle 3: Determine your Credo - "What We Stand For!"

  • Principle 4: Understand the need to fall in love with risk.

  • Principle 5: Learn to motivate people.

He covers the benefits of mutual values, understanding ourselves and understanding others.  Boylan's discussion of vision and values are the most basic we have read.  His fruit metaphor exercise coupled with the helicopter exercise can create real leadership "Ah-Ha."  Taking the next step with a credo, Boylan continues to give basic directions on how to create every step necessary to make a succinct plan for your business.

In a certain disagreement with Webster, Boylan describes the delights--the euphoria of falling in love with risk.  Falling in love is always a wonderful experience and comes with a range of emotions that are difficult to contain.  In the words of James Taylor "what a lovely ride."  This principle can bring fun back to the organization.

Motivating employees has been a topic or concern for decades and the first decade of the new century is no different.  Boylan is clear and purposeful in his approach to motivation and gives his formula on a step-by-step basis.

Put on your leadership shoes.  Boylan will show you the path.  If you take his advice, your leadership skills will improve dramatically.  If not, you should write the next book on the topic.

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