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Just The Basics® is a Management Consulting firm specializing in human resource management for small businesses and not for profit organizations.  The philosophy of Just The Basics is to make accessible to our clients the same level of Human Resource expertise available at larger firms.  Our mission is to improve the quality and productivity of the organization and to provide advisory services to the executive management team members.  For more information click here for our Contact form or call Dr. Linda Gravett directly at 513-753-8870.

Message from Terri Bonar-Stwart, President Emeritus

Has it been five years already since Linda Gravett accepted the helm at Just The Basics®?
Linda has done a fantastic job, serving our veteran accounts and adding new ones, all small businesses and non-profits.  While Linda was doing that, she managed to serve on several committees and boards, and write new books, and run her other business – Gravett and Associates.  Now that is some energy!  You can see why Linda was the perfect person to run Just the Basics®.
Time for me to transition all the way out of the business, so I will do just that on our upcoming 20th Anniversary on December 20, 2014.  What a pleasure it has been to serve each and every client as well as the community over these two decades!
Between now and December 20, I will be settling into my new endeavors.  Check back in December for an update.  In the meantime, enjoy the miracle of each new day!
And, congratulations, Linda, on a job well done!

Message from Linda Gravett, President & CEO

This past five years has led to renewed growth and activity at Just The Basics®, which has been both productive for our clients and exciting to experience.  Our 20th anniversary is close, and I want to thank Terri for her mentoring and sage advice as we anticipate this major milestone.  I also want to thank our valued clients for your loyal patronage and assure you that our standards of excellence will continue throughout our next 20 years.

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Dr. Gravett will be featured at the 5th Annual Organizational Effectiveness Lecture Series entitled "Building a Bridge Across Generations." Click here for further information.

Just a Couple Women Talkin' book review click here.

Dr. Gravett's article, "Minimizing Conflict within the Business Family," has been published in the Goering Center July 2014 Newsletter.  Click here to read the article.

Dr. Gravett & Dr. Kucia's book, Leadership in Balance, published on April 9, 2014

Click here to see the announcement of Dr. Linda Gravett and Dr. John Kucia's new book, Leadership in Balance, New Habits of the Mind.

Just The Basics wins award.  Click here for details.

Dr. Gravett on faculty of Public Sector Leadership Certificate Program

Dr. Gravett is on the faculty of the newly-created Public Sector Leadership Certificate Program at Xavier University in Cincinnati.  This new program launched in September 2013.  Linda's workshop topic is Labor Relations and Legal Issues.  For more information or to register, contact Sue Bensman at bensman@xavier.edu.

Dr. Gravett quoted in the Cincinnati Enquirer

In his article "Hixson makes new investment in its employees," Josh Pichler quotes Dr. Gravett regarding the expectations of the new generation of employees.    Click here to read the article.

See Dr. Gravett's speaking engagements & workshops

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Dr. Gravett quoted in Chicago Tribune Article about Millennial struggles

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Dr. Gravett & Terri Bonar-Stewart’s book, Just a Couple Women Talkin'.

If you’re on the brink of jumping into entrepreneurship yet aren’t certain whether it’s the right move for you Just a Couple Women Talkin' - The Real Story of Being a Woman Entrepreneur can provide you with the real story of what it takes to be a woman entrepreneur.  The authors, Dr. Linda Gravett and Terri Bonar-Stewart, speak from 20+ years each of experience in starting and sustaining a business.  They’ll share the behind-the-scenes stories about running a business from a woman’s perspective, and they also provide a self-assessment that can help you decide whether entrepreneurship is truly for you.

Could you be an entrepreneur?  Click here to take our brief self-assessment.

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Just a Couple of Women Talkin' - The Real Story of Being a Woman Entrepreneur is now available at Joseph Beth Booksellers Crestview and Rockwood Pavilion locationsClick here to visit Joseph Beth Booksellers web site.  You can also click this link to Amazon.com to review and purchase this book. 

New Research on Generational Differences

Would you like to participate in some original research on current generational differences?  If you are between 14 years old and 21 or if you supervise persons in this age group, click here for more information and a link to the survey.

Are You a Boomer Who Would Like to Share Some Thoughts About Today’s Workplace?

If you’re a Boomer (born between 1946 – 1964) and still in the workplace, we’d love for you to participate in a research study!

Dr. Gravett is collaborating with two colleagues, Dr. Tim McCarthy and Ms. Patricia Faust, to determine how today’s Boomers feel they’re accepted in today’s workplace.  If you’d like to participate in this short survey, please click here. You can remain anonymous, or if you’d like to leave your name and email address, Dr. Gravett will provide a one-hour complimentary coaching session as a thank you for completing the survey.

Organizational Best Practices Survey

Boomers are an important, still active component of today's workforce, with many years left to contribute to your organization's success.  Just The Basics, Inc. is conducting a best practices survey to explore how companies are approaching retention of this valuable resource.  Please click here to participate in this survey.  If you'd like a summary of the results, please complete the contact information section on the survey.  We appreciate your participation.

Using Your Emotional Intelligence

Dr. Gravett's research study and book, Using Your Emotional Intelligence to Develop Others, is summarized in her article in the Cleveland Society for Human Resource Management (CSHRM) e-newsletter.  Click here to see the newsletter and Dr. Gravett's article.

Tips for Working for a Younger Boss

In  her article, "7 Tips for Working for a Younger Boss" in the Money-Careers section of the March 1, 2010, issue of U.S. News & World Report writer Emily Brandon quotes Dr. Linda Gravett: "One of the problems that many boomers experience is that in their perception, the younger boss does not want to listen to their experiences and take account of their expertise.  The younger person has their own education and expertise and they don't want to be parented by someone."  (Read more)